There's not much more refreshing on a hot summer day than a delicious smoothie, but ingredients matter when it comes to taste and nutrition. You can make your own smoothie or smoothie bowl in these few simple steps from chef Nicole Gaffney, owner of Soulberri Smoothie and Coffee Shop in Brigantine.

One of Nicole's biggest tips is to use frozen fruit instead of ice.  So that's what I have been doing wrong!  When I pore out my smoothies from the blender a huge iceberg has usually formed in the middle of it and it plops out into my glass.  Time for some expert advice!  Check out Nicole's recipes for her every day smoothie and tropical smoothie bowls, better known as Soul Bowls!

SoulBerri Smoothie and Coffee Shop, Brigantine

SoulBerri Brigantine Jared McIver
SoulBerri Brigantine, Jared McIver

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