If you're going to commit a crime in the Borough of Longport, you're going to have to deal with neighborhood justice.

OK, it wasn't like an armed group of vigilantes were cracking down on hoodlums in the neighborhood. It was more like Gladys Kravitz spying out her window and noticing something was askew at Darrin and Samantha's house. That's a reference to the classic TV series "Bewitched" for you who might be under 50 years of age.... Check this out:

Here's what happened, according to Longport Police:

Thursday morning, a little after 11am, Longport Police dispatch got a call from a homeowner about a suspicious man in the neighborhood. This happened in the 2900 block of Sunset Avenue.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Neighbors had noticed the man go into someone's garage and come out with a bicycle.

Police learned that the neighbor who called police had attempted to "intervene", causing the man to drop the bike and run away.

Police officers responded to the area and found the suspect, James P. O'Mahoney. He was placed under arrested and charged with burglary.

Longport Police say he was later released pending a probable court appearance.

Chalk one up for the neighborhood watch!

SOURCE: Longport Police Department.

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