It looks as though the circumstances surrounding the death of the Cape May County couple that was made public earlier this week are slowly being revealed.

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According to, the bodies of a husband and wife were discovered inside their Villas home on Monday, January 4th. It seems the authorities didn't have much to go on at the time, but now details are starting to come together.

The prosecutor's office told the source that no residents of the surrounding area where Rick and Kristin Ryan's bodies were found had any reason to worry as of Monday. With the new information just released, it looks as though they were correct. Now, has reported that police are as of now deeming the deaths of the Ryans as a murder-suicide.

Reportedly, those assigned to the case of pieced together the thought that Ryan fired a gun at his wife only to then turn it on himself moments later. Both were found dead at the scene the next morning. What hasn't been confirmed yet is how police knew to check up on the Ryan residence in the first place.

All that's known at the present time is that authorities were conducting a wellness check on the couple, hence the reason officers showed up to the home on Monday morning.

If you believe you have any knowledge regarding the details of what might have happened, you can find out how to get in contact with the proper parties HERE.



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