We love Christmas music at my job, but we may be a little biased. It turns out the workers and the animals also love listening to Christmas music at the Cape May Zoo.

At least one particular resident does.

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Brat, the hyacinth macaw, has gained a reputation for grooving along with the Christmas songs played by zookeepers near his cage.

In a video titled "Singing brat" posted to Facebook a few days ago by the Cape May Zoo, Brat can be seen dancing along gently to the music and mumbling the words the way I do when I don't really remember the lyrics.

If this video doesn't make you smile and put you in the Christmas spirit, well, you are a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

By the way, Brat is 24-year old. Here's a little more information on him from the Cape May Zoo.

"Brat" is a hyacinth macaw, a species of parrot native to areas in Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. They are the largest parrot by length at over 3 feet from their head to the tip of their tail. "Brat's" exact birthday is unknown, but we know he hatched sometime in May of 1996. "Brat" loves chatting with keepers and guests. You may hear him say "here kitty kitty," "I love you", or "night night Brat Brat!"

According to Wikipedia,  the hyacinth macaw is the largest parrot by length in the world and has a diet of Brazil nuts and seeds. They have very strong beaks that are able to crack coconuts, the large brazil nut pods, and macadamia nuts.

They didn't mention their love for Christmas songs and sense of rhythm.  Merry Christmas, Brat!

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