Meanwhile in Burlington County....

A Browns Mills man has been charged with the murder of whom some are describing as his friend, others are claiming as someone else. Long story short, Charles McGee is being charged with the killing of William Cline Jr. The story gets even creepier when you add in the fact that the charges also include McGee disposing of Cline's body in the Pine Barrens.

As if the Pine Barrens weren't creepy enough already... reports that the incident was an attempt by McGee to escape something within the drug business. No word on exactly what that means, but what is known is that McGee apparently owed some sort of money to Cline and when Cline threatened McGee's grandchildren if payment wasn't made, McGee took matters into his own hands.

After enlisting help from his son, McGee dumped the body into a 1.5 foot hole in the Pine Barrens. After multiple suspicious parties came across the site, police were called and a dog eventually found the remains.

This truly sounds like a case from a Lifetime Original Movie....

Check out the full story HERE.


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