Keeping you updated with what's going on with the awful events that transpired in Vineland over the 4th of July weekend last month.

To recap: a little girl, 10-year-old Jasayde Holder, lost her life as a result of a drive-by shooting that took place on West Earl Drive on July 4th. The victim was shot in the chest and eventually passed away after arriving at Inspira Medical Center in Vineland. What should've been a holiday that would've held great memories for the child turned out to be her last on this earth. She wasn't the target, but she ended up paying the price.

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Three men were arrested and now face various charges. reports that 20-year-old Upper Deerfield Township resident Xavier Bogan has been accused of driving the car from which the fatal shots were fired on that fateful day. Bogan didn't claim to have anything to do with the shooting at first, but authorities were able to trace the car that the shots came from back to him. He now faces charges including conspiracy to commit murder, assault conspiracy charges, and crimes associated with unlawful weapons, among others.

Bogan reportedly came clean to police and later said that he was involved and admitted to being at the scene with both Karonjah Witt and William Harris of Vineland. While Bogan isn't the one who fired the shot that killed Jasayde Holden, he's still being held accountable for the part he played in the incident.

His detention hearing reportedly resulted in the presiding judge determining that even though Bogan's never been locked up before, he's still not permitted to walk free before the trial takes place.

You can find out more information regarding the progress made thus far in the Jasayde Holder murder case HERE.


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