You grab dinner at a Chinese restaurant and when you're done, you crack open a fortune cookie. You read the fortune and then check out the lucky numbers on the other side, then you go on with your life. For one man, his life changed recently by playing the lottery with those numbers.

Meet Ronnie Martin, a resident of Long Pond, PA (NASCAR fans probably know that as the home of Pocono Raceway). Ronnie lives in Pennsylvania but commutes to New Jersey everyday for work.

On July 24th of this year, the Mega Millions jackpot was sitting at $543 million, but for Ronnie, he stopped to buy a few lottery tickets not because the jackpot was sky-high, it's just something that he regularly did, according to the New Jersey Lottery.

Ronnie bought three Mega Millions tickets, selecting his own numbers -- which were not birth dates or anniversary dates or anything like that. His numbers were found on a slip of paper inside a fortune cookie he opened years ago. The New Jersey Lottery says he liked the numbers and decided to stick with them.

The next day, he stopped at the gas station in the town of Hope, NJ, where he bought the tickets the day before and walked out as a million dollar winner.

Lottery officials say Ronnie and his wife will use the prize money to pay off their house and bills before putting the rest toward their savings.

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