In the summer of 2018 police departments across the country challenged each other in a friendly lip-sync battle. Now a police department in Massachusetts is stepping it up a notch with their Christmas video. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has dominated Christmas unique sound. It just so happens that their music works perfect with choreographed cop cars.

The video was posted about a week ago to the Stow Police Department's Facebook page. Since its upload, the video has received almost 3 million views and 70,000 shares.

The video was created by a 15-year-old named JT for the police department. The post of the video thanks the video creator, "...[Thank] you to the 15 year old creator who wanted to do something nice for the local PD. He took still photos and videos of each of the four different cruisers while their lights were activated and edited the video together, adding the music of the amazing and talented Trans-Siberian Orchestra"

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