The Funny Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Mays Landing is kicking off the Summer with a Festival on June 3 from 9am-4pm with over 62 craft and food vendors, hayrides, face painting, music and MORE--all while interacting with all of their rescued animals!

There's a reason that thousands of people are lining up to see hundreds of animals that no one else wanted... It’s because Founder and President Laurie Zaleski, allows the animals to walk around freely and interact with their guests in order to make the experience the most fun!

Laurie has been through a lot when it comes to making the animal rescue her priority. Which is why volunteer/friend Matt has nominated her for NJ Woman of the Year!  In addition to running the farm 24/7, she has a full time job outside of the farm. However in doing so, the team has been able to put together one of the most iconic farms in not just South Jersey, but the nation.

The Funny Farm is SO iconic, that a couple flew all the way from California to meet Adele the diva chicken that lives In the house and wears a diaper. People fall in love with these animals because of their very real personalities. Which is why 3 movie companies are looking to create "The Funny Farm Movie" because of all the characters within it.

The Funny Farm was also recently inducted into the NJ Animal Hall of Fame for their second book written about Chucky the Funny Farm Miracle Dog. The book is about never giving up and living each day to the fullest. In case you don't remember their first book about Farley, the Funny Farm Dog, book #2 still has all the anti-bullying themes in it and talks about how you can live the best life, even if you have special needs and how we should all help each other. The book entitled Chucky the Miracle Dog will released after the Summer Festival on June 3rd.

Organizations across South Jersey are looking forward to giving back, and becoming a part in helping the charity grow. The Girl Scouts have built and donated a home for Stinky the friendly skunk, and they're also building an entire goat playground for the Funny Farm baby goat named Billy and his new baby sister that was rescued at 4 weeks old! This is all in preparation for the Summer Festival this Sunday, where all proceeds will go towards feeding, caring, and expanding housing for the rescued animals of the Funny Farm.

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