Imagine driving home from Mickey D's and being so excited for your meal that you can't wait to get home to eat it.

It happens to all of us, right? We order from the drive-through but can't wait until we get home to eat some fries, so we dig through the bag and shove a handful of warm deliciousness into our mouths to satisfy our graving before we reach our destination.
That's what one mother and daughter duo from Cumberland County did, only to realize that they had allegedly ingested human feces.

Yep, they ingested poo.

A new lawsuit is currently pending after the mother realized that her daughter's burger wrapper was covered in poo. To add insult to injury, the fries they were eating on the way home had been touching the poo-covered wrapper. Therefore, the mom was convinced that she and her daughter had eaten feces-covered food they had picked up from the Millville McDonald's located on High Street.

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Get our free mobile app reports that the woman did call the police. An officer came out to investigate and, reportedly, did see some sort of brownish substance on the wrapper. The woman only contacted police after the specific location wouldn't pick up the phone.

McDonald's hasn't corroborated the allegations, though. In fact, this location's franchise owner says that they launched an investigation against the claims and couldn't come up with any evidence to substantiate the woman's story.

Since the lawsuit was filed only last week, it'll probably be quite a while before we get to see this play out in court. Chris Coleman said this now changes the meaning of getting a number 2 at the drive-thru. GROSS!


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