Looks like Millville native Mike Trout will not be returning the area any time soon, much to our (and Bryce Harper's) disappointment.

News broke only moments ago stating the South Jersey native and LA Angels center fielder is currently involved in what could result in a record-shattering 12-year contract renewal with the Angels from which he would get paid 430 million dollars.

It's sad news because we all started to get our hopes up that Trout returning to play for us could've been a reality since Bryce Harper wanted him back so badly, but it doesn't look like it's going to turn out that way.

Can we really blame him, though? I mean, $430 MILLION! Jeez...

Who could say no to that? No word yet on whether or not anyone else has any intentions to pursue anything with him, but it's not likely at this point. BleacherReport.com reports that Trout only has two years left in his current contract with the Los Angeles Angels, so it makes sense that talks have begun.

Only time will tell...

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