Warning: this just might trigger a tear or two.

Just when you thought all hope in humanity was lost, this video surfaced over the weekend.

This video is important for all to see. Bullying is such an epidemic in society these days. Whether it's because of the rise of the keyboard warriors sitting behind their screens and computers or it's because we've become so desensitized, it's more likely to see a video showing two kids arguing or fighting go viral than it is to see one of them helping another.

Number 50 could've just gotten the ball and scored in order to move the game along, but instead he chose to help out his teammate. He could see how important it was to the other little boy to score, so he took himself out of the equation in order to see the other's wish come true.

Literal proof that the tiniest act of kindness and self-denial could mean the world to someone else. In fact, it could change their world, even for a little while.

Source: Facebook

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