Halloween is this Thursday!

If you're not the type of parent that feels like a trip to the Halloween store suffices when it comes to your kids' costumes, you probably opt for the craft store instead. While it's amazing that you take the time out to make your child a uniquely beautiful and/or awesome outfit to trick-or-treat in, the time has come for you to step it up a notch.

If you want to compete with the Millennium Falcon dad, that is. It's the usual story about a parent who wants their kid to have a really cool Halloween costume until you realize he took that just a smidge further than you even probably realize. He made an entire moving starship based off the Star Wars series for his kids to ride around in.

6ABC.com reports the famous ship was made to accompany the kids' Hans Solo and Chewbacca Halloween costumes. So, yeah.. if you're a parent who prefers homemade Halloween costumes, this dad just basically said "checkmate".

Source: Youtube

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