A website is out with it's list of "The 10 Most White Trash Cities in New Jersey", and several cities in Cape May and Cumberland Counties are on the list.

The website, roadsnacks.net, says that is has determined that Keansburg tops this list, with MIllville coming in at #4, Wildwood #6, and Vineland #7.

The site says this about the Top 10: "These are the places in New Jersey with the most drug-addicted, violent, welfare receiving white populations in the Garden State."

Just what is white trash? Here's the writer's answer:

Essentially, White trash is everywhere.

While calling someone White trash might be a mean-spirited way of ridiculing or poking fun at a particular demographic, it can also serve as a way to express disdain about the way someone lives their life. It isn’t as derogatory as using other racial slurs, and in fact, the term has a bit of humor associated with it, making it the focus of pop culture.

Take for instance Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, Kid Rock, Eminem, Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite and even Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon movies.

The writer isn't very kind about his description of Millville:

Chances are, if you and your kid(s) moved in with someone after just two dates, than you might be from Millville (AKA Meth-ville).

This city, in Cumberland County, ranks fifth in the state for aggravated assaults (meaning drunken fist fights). And in pure white trash form, when it comes to fightin’ over who has better meth, you better believe it will be handled bare knuckle to bare knuckle in your trailer’s front yard. Just watch out for the dirty diaper, the tub, and the broken down mower.

Similar, unkind things were also written about Wildwood and Vineland. You can read the entire article here.


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