Think about this for a second, how much television are you and your family watching these days?

Let's take that question a step further and ask whether or not it's possible for you to get all of your favorite TV shows ona streaming platform. I'm going to assume that answer is "yes."

In this economy, you can't blame people for wanting to get the best bang for their buck. That goes for internet service, too. People don't want to be paying hundreds of dollars a month for both cable and internet. Believe me, those bills can be quite pricey. I only JUST cut the cord about a year ago. Truth be told, I wish I would have done it sooner.

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For people in the Wildwoods, it seems like most are leaning towards ditching cable if they haven't done so already. Based on a recent Instagram post, it looks like the issue a lot of people are facing is which provider to retain for their internet service. That's always a hard call, especially when there weren't many options on the island for so long. XFinity has always been a staple for internet service in the Wildwoods, but now T-Mobile and Verizon seem to be offering decent plans at significantly lower rates.

It really is wild to thing that just ten years ago, nobody would have thought that they'd ever cancel their cable subscriptions. Now, thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+ and all the other streaming services, is traditional cable even relevant anymore? Maybe more people would keep it if it weren't so expensive.

Source: Facebook

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