For fans of the iconic soap opera, “General Hospital,” you have lost one of the most beloved and enduring characters in soap opera history.

Port Charles will never be the same with the passing of Jacklyn Zeman, better known as nurse “Bobbie Spencer.”

Zeman played this iconic role for 45 years, a record of longevity that is rarely achieved in any industry.

Zeman, who played the sister of “Luke Spencer,” was a part of so many major storylines over the many decades.

Zeman died from cancer.

The General Hospital Facebook Page memorialized Zeman as follows:

General Hospital via Facebook.
General Hospital via Facebook.
General Hospital photo via Facebook.
General Hospital photo via Facebook.

I have not watched a soap opera in more than 35 years, however, my Mother loved soap operas and I did watch “General Hospital” during the “Luke and Laura” era and “marriage” on November 16-17, 1981.

Television video recorders had just come of age at this time and we recorded it and would watch “General Hospital” at night.

In less than one year, “General Hospital” has had the real losses of Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) and Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer).

Through the years, “General Hospital” has had it all … Murder, mob wars, hospital drama and more.

It’s never boring in Port Charles and now the show must go on without the beautiful, sometimes a little bit scheming … sometimes bad girl, but, the always lovable Bobbie Spencer.

Jacklyn Zeman has died at age 70.

It was about 42 years ago, but, I’m not afraid to say that I was a big “General Hospital,” Jackie Zeman fan.

I really liked the grit of her character.

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