Is there anything better than an awesome ice cream cone during a hot summer day here in the Garden State? The correct answer is "no." That's especially true at the Jersey Shore. I dream about ice cream dates and Reese's Cup Flurries all winter long. When I can FINALLY taste the deliciousness once again when Memorial Day comes around, that's how I know the summer season has officially begun in South Jersey.

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If one of your favorite things to do during the summer months here in the Garden State is to eat as much ice cream as possible, then you need to check out the ice cream tour sweeping through New Jersey for summer 2024. The "I Licked My Way Through New Jersey" Ice Cream Tour kicks off in June and runs through mid-August. You get the chance to sample a bunch of different ice cream shops from all over the Garden State.

Why would you travel so far for ice cream? They made it SO worth it. How does free ice cream for an entire year sound?

If you actually visit every single ice cream joint on the list, you'll be living the sweet life when you unlock your 1-year supply of free ice cream!


The goal is to get to as many places participating in the ice cream challenge as possible. There are no rules determining what you have to order. That decision is entirely up to you.

Kohr Soft Ice Cream/Canva
Kohr Soft Ice Cream/Canva

You must, however, make sure to pick up a tour card and present it at all of the participating small-town ice cream shops. Take note, though, that once all tour cards have been distributed, that's the end of it. They won't be printing any more. So, get your card soon while you can!

Free ice cream is at stake!

Check out the official event page HERE.

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