They're called "Shoobies."

They are summer visitors to the Jersey Shore, particularly those visiting the South Jersey beach area.

Shoobies is the tag given to these people several generations ago. Many "day-trippers" would come "down the shore" (mostly from the Philadelphia area) to spend the day on the beach - and, they'd bring their lunch in cardboard shoeboxes. They quickly were given the name Shoobies!

Further north, these vacationers are called "Bennies." They most come from the New York area, and settle near the beaches of Ocean and Monmouth counties.

The differences between Shoobies and Bennies? You can click and explore that here.

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So we asked folks what advice they'd give these Shoobies as they head down to "our neck of the woods." People were not shy with their answers!

Zach said what many of us say, "Stay out of the left lane!"

Shizelle kept that theme but moved it towards the water: "Stay in your own freaking lane when walking on the boardwalk!"

Vanessa said what we are all thinking: "Don't feed the seagulls!"  (After all, they're really just "flying rats", right?)

Several people sounded off with "Stay home!" We're not a fan of that, though. We know that Shoobies are a big part of our local economy.

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One of the big themes is "be respectful." You may be on vacation, but we live here year `round. Treat our area - and our people - with respect. As Phil says, "Treat our home as you would your own."

From Tracey: "Follow the rules no drinking & smoking on the beach, watch your own kids! Saved a bunch of little ones (talking 5 & under) from the ocean & getting lost. My kids are adults I need some R&R when I come to the beach."

Chrissy says, "Pick up ur trash."

From Jeni: "Stay off our roads or learn how to drive like us."

Dee says, "Don’t just jump out at a crosswalk."

From Crystal: "Don't be rude!!"

Theresa says what we're all thinking: "Please take off your socks of you’re wearing sandals."

Jennifer: "Don't sit on top of us at the beach!!!!!"

Finally, from Michael: "Thanks for coming and helping our local economy because most of the small businesses here need you."

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