You know what they say, you have to play to win! So cliche, I know. But, if the reward is big, usually that means the risks are too.

At least with this one, you'll have a little bit of fun with it. After all, who doesn't love the thrill of a good scratch-off ticket? Even if you only win two bucks, you still feel like it might as well have been a million.

The new scratch-off game from the New Jersey Lottery was clearly thought of by Jersey residents FOR New Jersey residents. Any time you incorporate NJ's favorite breakfast food into something, it's sure to be a hit. First, we heard about pork roll-infused ice cream, now there's a pork roll scratch off ticket.

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The details about the new game can be found on the New Jersey Lottery's website, but here's the skinny:


The game is inspired by every New Jersey resident's favorite meat: pork roll. The way it works is ticket holders will scratch to try and reveal pork roll symbols in the hopes of winning $200,000. Imagine how much pork roll you could buy with all that money!


This game, though, will surely have the folks from North and South Jersey divided. You see, it makes fun of the greatest debate over breakfast meats in the history of our country. It busts open the debate of pork roll verses Taylor Ham. You can unveil either pork roll OR Taylor Ham symbols in this game. We see what you're doing, NJ Lotto.

The game can be purchased starting Monday, May 1st at your local NJ Lottery retailer.


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