With just a little more than two weeks til the most romantic day of the year, people will soon start stocking up on Valentine's Day staples like candies and chocolate.

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Unfortunately, people looking to include the former in their V-Day goody bags will be disappointed to see their heart-shaped candies without their usual sweet nothings stamped on. Production problems are reportedly plaguing the manufacturers of the classic "Sweethearts" Valentine's Day candies. The candies are known for their printed messages containing phrases like "love me." CandyStore.com claims 65% of the Sweethearts they opened were completely blank. Many others had "unintelligible markings" or incomplete phrases.

Broken printers are apparently responsible for the candies sans their love words after the equipment was shipped to a new manufacturer. The candies won't go to waste, though, since interest in the misprints has sparked in some collectors.

If you think you can wait til the last minute to get normal Sweethearts candy boxes, turns out that's not the case. The problem is not expected to be fixed in time for Valentine's Day this year.

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