New Jersey's known for many things. The beaches, the food, and the education systems, just to name a few. The Garden State is also very well known for its exceptional medical facilities. You'll get treated by some of the nation's best doctors here in NJ.

A little fun fact you might not know about the Garden State is that it's a prime destination for those that enjoy the nudist lifestyle. Did you know there is more than one nudist resort in New Jersey? Shocking, right? I know... it's so weird to even think about. Hey, if you're into that thing, at least you know you don't have to travel very far to enjoy the lifestyle.

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Believe it or not, the Garden State is home to three of the swankiest nudist resorts on the east coast. The Rock Lodge Club, Goodland Country Club, and the Sky Farm Nudist Resort both have all the amenities you could want in a luxury getaway - minus the clothes. Good to know if you plan on celebrating Nude Recreation Week coming up starting on July 8th. If the nudist spot in South Jersey was still open, that'd make four places to celebrate.

Nudist resort in Mays Landing, NJ

Did you know there was once a popular nudist resort in South Jersey? Throwing it back almost one-hundred years ago, it was a place known as Sunshine Park. It sat right in the heart of Mays Landing in Atlantic County.

The resort offered amenities typical of other popular nudist destinations today, such as swimming pools, sports facilities, and accommodations designed to accommodate nudist principles. Guests could engage in activities like volleyball, tennis, and more outdoor recreational fun while enjoying the freedom of being clothing-optional within the resort grounds.

Over the years, Sunshine Park Resort became a popular destination within the nudist community, drawing visitors from nearby regions and beyond who appreciated its relaxed atmosphere and sense of community.

In 1983, the resort was ordered to close due to various health violations, among other reasons.

Do you think a nudist resort would do well in South Jersey today? Let us know on the app! In the meantime, take a look at what the old one in Mays Landing once looked like:

A Look Back At Sunshine Park Nudist Resort In Mays Landing

Take a look at the nudist resort that once sat on the Great Egg Harbor River in Mays Landing.

Gallery Credit: Jahna Michal

Here's Jason Kelce's $2.2 Million Beach House in Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Ever since Jason Kelce made his emotional retirement announcement, the former Eagles Center has embraced the post-football life. Having grown up in Ohio and playing College Football at the University of Cincinnati, some would think Jason Kelce would spend his post-career years back at home, but he has chosen to live in New Jersey.

Thanks to his wife Kylie growing up in the Suburban Philadelphia area and playing his entire NFL career for the Eagles, Jason Kelce has now planted his life here in Eagles Country. After vacationing in Sea Isle City for years, the Kelces have purchased a Beach House in South Jersey. Makes sense considering Sea Isle City is one of the 50 Best Places to Retire in New Jersey and one of the best towns to live in Cape May County.
Reportedly sold for $2.2 Million right off the boardwalk, check out Jason Kelce's Sea Isle City Beach House

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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