Things are stressful enough for our local business owners without worrying about people burglarizing their businesses.

That's exactly what happened this week to a Wildwood Boardwalk business, though. Wildwood Police say early Friday morning, officers responded to a burglary in progress. After establishing a perimeter, police witnessed Michael Pisano, 22, of Kingston, Pennsylvania leave the back of the building. He was stopped and placed under arrest.

At the time of his arrest, Pisano was found in possession of several hundred dollars in US currency. During the continuing investigation conducted by the Wildwood Police Department Detective Division, this money was found to be the proceeds of burglaries committed at the business in which Pisano was located, as well as three additional buildings in the area.

Evidence gathered during the follow-up investigation, including video surveillance footage and interviews, confirmed Pisano’s role in these crimes as well.

Pisano faces multiple charges and is currently being help in the Cape May County Jail.

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