Do you think you could make some room in your heart and home for sweet Rosie?

A woman from Philadelphia is hoping you can. Her name is Valerie Alexander and she's hoping to still be alive when her dog finds her new "furever family." Valerie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking for her as her doctor has reportedly given her only a matter of weeks to live.

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Get our free mobile app reports that she's made a vow to find her dog, Rosie, a home while she's still on this Earth to vet them. Valerie wants to make sure that Rosie goes to a home and/or a family that loves her just as much as she does. Valerie refers to Rosie as her child. I can relate to that. I have two dogs myself that I call my "fur babies," so I know EXACTLY how Valerie feels. I imagine that most dog owners can understand that feeling.

There aren't many dog-lovers out there that don't view their pets as parts of the family. Still, there are some bad apples. Valerie wants to ensure that her fur baby goes to the best home possible. She's hoping for either a really active family or one with a big yard so Rosie can get her zoomies out whenever they strike.

There's one HUGE factor that comes into play that simply cannot be ignored for anyone wishing to provide this loyal doggo with a family. You can't have any other pets. Valerie desires for Rosie to be the only pet at the point of adoption.

If you think you're the perfect fit for Rosie, you can email Valerie's friend, Charles Bowles, at Charles is handling the adoption.

Let's find Rosie the perfect family!


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