If you're in the market for a new car here in the Garden State, hopefully you're not on the hunt for the one that will soon cease to exist.

People have a special relationship with their cars here in New Jersey. Residents don't take the decision lightly when it comes to choosing their wheels. We like nice cars here in the Garden State. Even though we may not all drive the most expensive vehicles on the road, we like to think that our cars tell a bit of our story. They're a reflection of who we are. That's why most NJ residents are careful when purchasing a vehicle.

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When it comes to popular cars here in the Garden State, it's safe to say that most people in New Jersey prefer SUVs. Some of the most popular ones are the Toyota Rav4, the Honda CR-V, the Subaru Outback, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Still, there are plenty of people that prefer smaller vehicles. People love the Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord, and the Nissan Altima.


New Jersey's diverse population and varied landscapes mean that you'll see a wide range of vehicles on its roads, from compact sedans to luxury SUVs. Unfortunately, for fans of GM, you won't be able to purchase one of their most popular sedans in the Garden State ever again.

Popular Sedan soon to be no longer sold in NJ

If you're partial to the design and brands GM puts out, then you may be saddened by the news that you will soon no longer be able to purchase a Chevy Malibu here in New Jersey. GM has announced that they'll be ending production of their Chevy Malibu to make room for their new line of EVs.

To replace the Malibu, GM is directing people to the new Bolt EV.

I know plenty of people who had a Chevy Malibu as their first car. It's the end of an era, for sure. Let us know if you're sad to see the Malibu retiring on our app.

The Most Popular Cars That Are Stolen In New Jersey

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Most Popular Cars in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Has it ever happened to you that you buy a car and after you purchased it you start noticing that a lot of people have that same car? Maybe you just got a car that is extremely popular in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania without even knowing it. There is really nothing wrong with that. 

According to Edmunds, in New Jersey the most popular car is the Honda CR-V and in Pennsylvania is the Ford F-series. 

We have a list of the 5 most popular cars in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

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