South Jersey's Adelphia Restaurant and Night Club in Deptford has a not-so-positive light shined upon it right now--due to a costume that won the "1st prize" at it's Halloween Costume Contest last week.

According to the Inquirer, a man wearing a scarecrow costume carrying a noose caused a stir at a Halloween party Wednesday night. The man walked on stilts and posed for photographs.

A picture was posted to the landmark's Facebook page when the photo, containing Owner Bill Balis in it, quickly went viral and filled with negative racial connotations and threats towards the restaurant.

Civil Rights groups and several diners at the restaurant didn't take a liking to the jab at American History, and even contacted Gloucester County NAACP chapter president Loretta Winters to express their concerns.

Many believe that awarding the costume with "1st prize" is the restaurant condoning such behavior, however; Adelphia has been in business for 30 years with a diverse workforce and customers of all races, according to their representation.

Haddonfield Lawyer Joseph Grimes representing the restaurant says,

“We don’t see any racial context in the photo. Obviously, there was no intent to offend anyone.”

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