Since nobody won the $255 million Powerball jackpot Wednesday night (including myself), the drawing on Saturday is now worth $285 million!

I didn't even get one number!


The cash option for Saturday night's drawing is $172.5 million.

What would you do with $172 million?  More than likely, you would walk away with $100 million or so after Chris Christie takes his fair (is it really fair?) share...

So, what would you do with $100 million?


I would quit my job - sorry lol

I would buy a Tesla

I would pay off all my debt - houses, cars, etc

I would set up college funds for my nephews

I would also help family, give St. Jude a huge donation and take a very long, very luxurious vacation!

The next drawing is Saturday night at 11pm on 6 ABC.

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