Every year, the beginning of March kicks off National Reading Month with the mission to educate and read to the young minds of our future. So on National Read Across America Day, I went to C.J. Davenport Elementary School in EHT to read to Mrs. Rush's 3rd Grade classroom!

Now I talk for a living... and haven't been to school in a hot minute, so I actually was a bit nervous to read! But the kids helped me along the way as I read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

My favorite part was when one of the student's asked me if my eyes were broken because  I accidentally read "I am Sam" instead of "Sam I am"......it was a fair question.

The kids then gave me a home made thank you card with a big ol' cat country sticker on the front with all of their names inside! Naturally, I cried as my heart grew 3 sizes that day. It was truly a pleasure to be around such amazing kids, educators and people right here in South Jersey! Thanks for having me as your guest reader Davenport Elementary!

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