That spiral-spaghetti looking ladder on the playground was such a mystery to me growing up. You know what I'm talking about. The spiral ladder, staircase, slide, whatever you want to call it that nobody was quite sure how to use.

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This thing:


Well, now we finally know what to do with it. Or, what we should have done with it, I should say. Too little, too late, wouldn't you agree? FINALLY, the ladder mystery's been solved on TikTok. Of course it had to be TikTok, right? The app really has proven to be more useful to me than I ever anticipated....

That spiral thingy is a SLIDE!! My mind was blown when I saw this video. It's circulating on Facebook, actually, and getting quite a bit of traction. No wonder why it went viral, though. It means I'm not alone. I have to admit, now I feel a bit stupid for not realizing the spiral's purpose when I was young enough to still use the park. Not saying I wouldn't try it now, hah! But, I'd probably break something. Can't lie though, I feel like I've been robbed of some pretty fun childhood memories since I was at an absolute loss as to what the spiral's function served on the playground besides a ladder in my days as playground queen.

Truth be told, more often than not  I'd fall off that thing since the "prongs" (remember I thought it was a ladder) were slanted. If you catch me at the park this week attempting to use the spiral for its intended purpose, mind your business. I'm rebuilding childhood memories.

Source: Facebook


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