A local guy from Egg Harbor Township wants to help you out through a tough time.

We've all been there. You're single, unattached and it's holiday party season!

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The biggest challenge: getting through the big party with all your relatives and having your sisters, grandmothers, and aunts asking you why you're single and not seeing anyone. (SIDEBAR: The avalanche of questions ALWAYS comes from the female members of your family. The guys? Eh, we could really care less EXCEPT when it comes to our own daughters.)

Enter Mr. X. (Yes, he does have a name, but he made his post on a private Egg Harbor Township Facebook Group website, so we are choosing not to reveal his name. We asked him for permission to use his photo, but he did not respond to our request. We believe the post has actually been removed from the group's page.)

Mr. X posted an interesting proposition on an Egg Harbor Township Facebook Group over the weekend: He'd like to offer himself out to help you out in your holiday time of need.

For a fee, of course.

Mr. X, 32, can be rented out as your Christmas date. Here's what he posted:

"BOOM! Introducing my new side hustle: HoliDATE
For just a small fee of $299.99 I will accompany you as your plus 1 at all these sometimes dreadful family gatherings this season."
Mr. X  sells himself with the following:
-I have good convo with anyone
-I can go along with whatever politics your aunt Carol wants to discuss
-I can talk all sorts of sports with uncle Phil
-I’m great with kids
-I’m handsome so your mother will be happy you found a catch
-I can lie about how we met (I’ll come up with a meet cute)
-the bonus feature: for just an additional $95.99 I will show up with a bottle of the finest merlot so we’re not empty-handed."
Mr. X knows his wine!
Within 12 hours of posting, Mr. X's post has seen a flurry of activity!
One guy commented: "How can any guy find a gf when there’s dudes like this out here to compete with ?!"
Another comment: "Ok but what if we’re already married and just tryna amp up the family drama for the holidays!"
Cat Country's own Chris Coleman even himed in with: "$99 you can get me and I'll bring a 30' inflatable cat to put in your front yard -- Carol and Phil will talk about it for years."
(Chris is hilarious!!!)
More comments:
"This is the best thing I have ever heard!! Where were you 20 years ago? 
(Actually, you probably were just a toddler...)"

"$299.99 for a two hour gig; not a bad deal. The fact that (Mr. X) is easy on the eyes is an added bonus. I’m married and half tempted. Only because my husband is an introvert. Your business will be booming."

"What if my husband has to work? Can you fill in?"

"I need a date to my next trip to detox. It will be fun. I promise."

"Meet cute."

We assumed Mr. X's offer was to women only, until this comment:

"Is there a gay charge?"

(Come on, it's 2021, the fee should be the same, right?)

Finally, a woman has posted:

"I'll be the woman for hire."  (Ma'am, that's nice of you, but we live so close to Atlantic City....)

I reached out to Mr. X to see how the side hustle was going so far and he said, "Oh I’ve def had some funny messages lol!" He adds, "I mean it was def a joke. But there’s a serious message inside it for sure."

So..... we can conclude by saying that there actually is some interest in such a service - and we'll see if Mr. X does in fact "rent himself out."

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, "When are we going to meet that special man in your life? Is there someone?"

(PS.... if you think this is bad, wait `til the next stage of life: "So, when are we going to see some grandchildren?)

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