Hammonton Police were quick to snuff out some out of control rumors on social media on Sunday.

Words - and pictures - quickly spread that a freshly dug grave was discovered, and the theories began to explode from there.

Hammonton Police say they were first contacted Sunday morning at 10:30am about the hole, that resembled a grave.

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Police responded to the area, in the woods, and through some old fashioned police work, determined that that hole was dug for a "low budget film set."

Here's what police had to say:

During these times, we understand some of us may want to post what we find or let the public know. But sometimes it’s good to let the police do their investigation prior to posting it on social media.

So to all the conspiracy theorists, your theories were wrong 😂😂😂 But we cant wait to see the final product of this film!

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