Another eatery is closing up shop in the Wildwoods.

According to new reports, the beloved Doo Wop Drive-InRestaurant in Wildwood Crest has officially been sold. The folks over at Wildwood Video Archive have confirmed the news that the new owners of the popular old-school themed restaurant do not plan on keep things the same.

While it's a bummer for everyone who loves the 60s vibe of the place, it is the new owners' right, after all, to do with it what they please.

People who frequented the establishment will miss the creative and delicious menu options like, as the WVA specified, the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. That makes your mouth water just thinking about it, right? Their stellar menu is just one of the reasons why the place was so popular.

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It's not like it wasn't successful; it was just time for the previous owner, Jason Kramer, to start spending more time with his family. It's always important to have your priorities straight. It's a bummer to hear about the Doo Wop Drive-In's closure because of how much it kept up with the 60s vibe of the Wildwoods.

So, what can we expect from the new place? Nobody knows just yet.

As for Kramer, he's not completely doing away with business. He's actually moving back to the previous location of the smaller Doo Wop Coffee Shop which was in the Tangiers Motel. That's good news for people who LOVED the grub from the diner! You won't have to go without Kramer's concoctions, you'll just have to indulge in the smaller space.

For more information about the plans for Wildwood Crest's Doo Wop Drive-In Restaurant, click HERE.


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