We all have our hobbies that we devote a decent amount of time to and hope that, at the very least, the continue to provide us joy in our everyday lives.

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One Salem County gal, Cat Burns, can say that about her chosen trade AND THEN SOME. NJ.com has reported that we can all see Burns in action on a Netflix show called 'Blown Away'. What exactly is her hobby, you ask? Glassblowing. To be honest, it's more than a hobby for Burns. She's an instructor, even teaching at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Burns had submitted an application and taped audition for the show, but apparently didn't think anything would ever come of it based on her shock and excitement when she did, in fact, get the phone call that she was chosen to compete. 'Blown Away' is a reality show on Netflix in which contestants compete against each other in glassblowing challenges for money. Burns was cast in the second season of the show, chosen as one of the final ten out of 500 applicants.

The reason Burns even applied in the first place is inspiring, especially for those who suffer from any kind of mental illness. NJ.com reports that Burns refers to herself as one who deals with high-functioning anxiety on a daily basis, so she made a commitment to herself that she would never turn away from an opportunity if it scared her. Quite the opposite, in fact. Now, does she consider herself a reality TV star? NJ.com says that one's a negative.

Get all the details about Burns' appearance on the Netflix show 'Blown Away' HERE.

Source: NJ.com


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