There are a few things people in South Jersey love more than Wawa. The popular convenience store is the corner stone of society here in South Jersey. Popular YouTuber Safiya Nygaard recently spent time in Philadelphia and the surrounding area in a video posted on Friday. In the video she was trying out thigh high UGGs, which she showed off at Wawa.

Safiya realized the oversized UGGs were great to cary the snacks she bought at Wawa. For most of the country, Wawa is a term not heard often. Some may even look down on the idea of buying food where you get your gas. The term gas station food comes to mind. However, Safiya clearly understands the magic of Wawa when she explains to the audience just what it is.

Fast forward the video to 18:09 to get to the Wawa bit.

Safiya explains what Wawa is by saying, "Which is a convenience store, but funner."

I can't imagine anyone in South Jersey disagreeing with that statement.

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