Sometimes you think you're helping, but you're not. Not at all.

Officials at the Ship Bottom Police Department have announced that they are not selling Ship Bottom Police Department clothing.

Ok. Thanks for the update.

Wait, there's more.

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The problem is that someone else is selling Ship Bottom Police Department clothing - and whoever is doing it is not associated in any way with the Ship Bottom Police Department.

What the heck?

It is a  scam.

Police say there are people or "companies" posing on Facebook that they are selling the clothing - probably with some sort of message that all purchases benefit. The department. Well, they don't. They aren't.

It's yet another ruse that someone has cooked up.

Apparently, the Ship Bottom PD is not alone - it happens to other departments and other businesses.

So, buyer beware. If someone tells you the sale of anything benefits someone or something, do some investigating? If you really want to help a police department, a group, or an organization, contact that entity directly to find out how to help.

People are the worst, aren't they?

So, there it is - don't buy Ship Bottom PD clothing if you see it.

Thanks, Ship Bottom Police Department for all you do! We're sorry you have to deal with this stuff.

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