As another big box closes its doors in South Jersey, I want to encourage you to do something as we head toward the holidays. Shop. Locally.

Shop locally at least once.

Yes, it's 2018, and everyone can literally shop from their phones without ever leaving their bed. It's the age of innovation and we can do things our ancestors never dreamed of doing. There's something special though about getting out in your own community and going to local stores.

We hear and see it all the time - big box stores are closing, retail is hurting. The bottom line, though, is we NEED our local businesses. We need our stores, our shopping centers, our malls. They are the life-blood of our community.

Think about how many of your friends and neighbors still work in local retail stores. Where would these people be without these local stores?

Think about the taxes generated by these local businesses. Sure, our taxes are high - but how high are they going to be if 99% of commerce happens online and all the businesses pull out of our cities and towns? Who's going to pay the taxes then?

If you spend your money locally, it will continue to be circulated locally. You buying that hammer at the local hardware store is going to help that hardware store continue to stay in business. That hardware store is going to be able to continue employing your buddy who works there and lives down your street. That buddy is going to be able to make his mortgage payment because he still has a job. The fact that he's paying his mortgage is going to keep his house filled - and that's going to keep property values in your neighborhood from dropping.

Simplistic, yes, but it just shows that spending money locally keeps money locally.

So, shop locally - you may be helping to save your own community.


If you're a business owner/operator, you're doing all that you can to keep local business coming in. If you need help, consider growing your business by working with us at Cat Country and Townsquare Media. Today (10/17) is our Customer Appreciation Sale - a great day to get a great deal on spreading the word about your business in our community.

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