Who doesn't love the Cape May Zoo?

This South Jersey gem has been entertainment spot for families for years, and is always listed as one of the best zoos in the country.

But on Yelp, some people have some rather interesting things to say about our zoo.

From Melissa I. of Freehold:
"Most of the animals were either put away or eating when I was there so we missed most of them (Get there early, we got there around 2 and by that time no animals cared about being seen.)"
(From Joe Kelly) Dear Melissa, perhaps you're unaware that the last contract for the animals was not approved by zoo management. The animals are thinking about going on strike, but until then, they really do not want to be seen.

From A. C. R. in Norristown, PA:
"I know the snow leopard just had cubs, but I'm not sure why the father was not at least out."
(From Joe Kelly) Dear A.C.R., We've come to find out that that snow leopard dad is really a deadbeat. He knows he should be representing the family on the front lines at the zoo, but he's been hanging out at local bars, playing darts and throwing axes.

From Michelle L. of Livingston, NJ:
"A mistake we made was thinking this place was close to Cape May proper (i.e. near the shops, restaurants, lighthouse), which it isn't. It's actually about 30 minutes south."       (From Joe Kelly) Dear Michelle, It's amazing that you even found the zoo, 30 miles south of Cape May - in the Delaware Bay....

From Justin T. of Philadelphia, PA:
"Cute zoo but I just didn't feel like doing all the walking."
(From Joe Kelly) Dear Justin, Come back! Starting in the summer of 2020 you don't have to walk around. Just have a seat and we'll bring each animal to you!

From Jax S. of Richland, NJ:
"I enjoy this zoo. I really do. Easily could have been a 5 star review. Docking a star because the only flavors of ice cream were cotton candy and cookies and cream. What sadistic person eats cotton candy ice cream."

(Joe Kelly sheepishly raises his hand....)

From Paige H. of Historic District - North, Savannah, GA:
"None off the food places were open because it is off season, but I wasn't looking for food while I was there."
(Joe Kelly) See! They anticipated all your needs!





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