We're all under a lot more stress than usual thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Have you found that your stress is now interfering with your sleep patterns?

Many people often report their anxiety manifesting into a series of dreams that they're sure are attempting to tell them something. Over the last few years, several sleep studies have been executed that could shed light on the different meanings behind the common recurring "stress dreams". Bustle.com defines a stress dream as "the brain's way of telling a person that they are experiencing stress in their life."

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Can you relate? Have you ever dreamed of being caught in a tsunami or tidal wave? What about being chased by wild animals? Both make the list of most common stress dreams. Dreaming about getting caught in natural disasters such as a tidal wave is linked to anxiety experienced in everyday life. If you often dream about being chased, you're feeling unsafe in aspect of your life or another.

Others to make the list are:

- dreaming of falling

- dreaming of arguments (the result of tension or discord within your life)

- dreaming of being late or losing important things (the brain is using this time as a dress rehearsal for when things go wrong in real life)

- dreaming about bugs

- dreaming about teeth falling out (the mind's reacting to a tragic loss, sickness, or not being in control)

We've all experienced at least one stress dream in our lifetime. Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold of society, some may be having these dreams more frequently. Check out the study to try to make sense of some of the dream you may have had recently.

Source: Bustle.com

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