I swear, I just should stay off Facebook. It would probably help my blood pressure.

Late last night I was thumbing through my Facebook news-feed when I came across a post in a private Egg Harbor Township Facebook group. I'll respect the privacy of the group and not share the exact comments or reveal identities of those who posted.
But, it kind of pissed me off.

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The person who posted - and I'm not faulting that person - said that she went to a local restaurant and ordered three tacos. She (I think it was a woman who posted) said she didn't pay much attention to the price of the entree, and didn't realize it was $18. She went on to say they she really blamed herself for not paying more attention to the price.
OK. I can understand that. I've certainly done the same thing: ordered something at a restaurant and really didn't "see" the price.

The woman went on to say that she wasn't knocking the business, but paying $18 for three tacos wasn't really worth it, and she probably wouldn't go back again.
Um, I think, actually, that's pretty much the definition of knocking the business.
The worst part of the post, though, were the comments from the "peanut section."
A number of people expressed outrage at the price for three tacos, some offering the prices of other establishments for the same entree, while others stressed they could "make even better tacos at home, for far less money."

Stay home, then, I say. Stay home!

I grew up in family, with a very hard-working father and a (mostly) stay-home mother. My parents worked and penny-pinched and saved so our family could have a good life. We weren't rich, we lived on a shoe-string budget, I'm sure, but we kids never knew it. Our parents did the best they could and filled our lives with love and happiness.

One of the "treats" we had growing up was to go out to eat. It wasn't every day or every week. It may have been only a couple times a year. Those times, though, were special. They were "occasions." We looked forward to those events.

Today, going out to lunch or dinner is still special - it's an experience. Even just to grab a slice of pizza, and a Coke, it's special.

I expect to pay for special. If I eat somewhere besides my home, I know it's going to cost money. Special costs money, even if it's a couple bucks for a burger at McDonald's.

Honestly, the better the food, the better the place, the more money it's probably going to cost. I accept that. I can't afford doing that for every meal, but I accept it.

$18 for three tacos? If the food is good, and the place is nice - and clean, I can accept that. If the atmosphere is better than average, and the service is friendly, I can accept that. (By the way, I've frequented the restaurant that was discussed, on numerous occasions, and I think it's well worth it! (Oh, in my opinion, all the food is phenomenal!)

You want to pay less than $18 for three tacos? Yes, there are plenty of places to do that, but don't knock the restaurant in question for charging that figure. Welcome to the United States of America. Businesses can charge what they want for most goods and services. The market - the people - will decide whether they can charge $18 for three tacos.

I gotta tell ya, some people - like me - are happy to pay $18 for three tacos at this restaurant. If I'm the only one, eventually, they'll stop charging $18 for three tacos.
Yes, I'm reminded that since we are in the United States of America, you also can complain about the price of 3 tacos all you want. Many of us, though, will continue to support this restaurant, because we love their $18 3-taco entree!

Going out for a great meal in a fun place is a experience for me. I have no interest in eating tacos at the lowest cost provider. Maybe you do, and that's OK too. (The "America" thing again...)

Cheers to our great local restaurants for doing what they do!

Cheers also to those "chain restaurants" with local franchises. They, too, are staffed by good, hard-working local people.

Again, thanks to our freedoms and such, we are free to eat whatever and wherever we choose.

There, I feel a little better now. I also really want some tacos right now....

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