When you're out and about on a rainy, kinda-chilly day, a good bowl of chili is a great pick-me-up.

I was out on that kind of day recently and kind of found my car leading me into a local deli/diner on Route 9 in Somers Point. It's Fitzpatrick's Deli and Steakhouse in Somers Point.

If you're never been there, the place is very unassuming. I'd say the layout and decor is more deli than a steakhouse. Or, even closer to a New Jersey diner.

The food is simply excellent, from the great deli sandwiches to the "steakhouse' menu. On this day, I had the Flat Iron Steak. As the menu states it was "grilled to perfection." So much great flavor.

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What stole the show this day, though, was the wonderful bowl of chili. The meat in the chili was spot-on, and the taste of the chili was simply the best. I'm not a big fan of beans in my chili, but I didn't mind the beans, as the meat-to-bean ratio was very high. I chose cheese on top of the chili and it was melted on that chili as if it was born there.

The taste was wonderful, and I was so grateful that it was served hot, very hot! Getting chili that's not hot is so disappointing!

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Great job, Fitzpatrick's you won me over with your chili, and invited me back even sooner with the flat iron steak. (Or, the accompanying asparagus was also cooked perfectly, The fries - fresh and hot!)

So is Fitzpatrick's chili the best in the state? I have yet to taste better!

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