Ah, the Jersey accent.

What's funny about the way New Jerseyans talk is that some locals don't even think there's anything humorous about it.

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What do I mean by that? Well, when asking some locals about the South Jersey accent specifically, apparently, South Jersey doesn't have one. Depending on where you are in South Jersey, there is some truth to that. If you hail from the eastern part of South Jersey, then the accent isn't as thick. The western part of South Jersey, though (the part closer to Philly), the thicker the accent gets.

There's no denying that North Jersey has an identifiable way of speaking. Still, some "Jersey-isms" are universal, meaning they're said throughout the entire state.

We asked Jersey locals to describe the Jersey accent in three words.

Some of the answers we received were just too funny not to share. The responses prove that it's less about how we say things and more about the specific phrases only we Jerseyans can comprehend.


South Jersey Describes The Jersey Accent In 3 Words

Ah, the Jersey accent. Depending on where you're located in the state, some people don't even think we have one. Check out what NJ natives have to say about the way NJ residents talk.

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