The first semi-normal Halloween since the pandemic? Yes, please! It's all for the kids.

Whether or not you celebrated a "business as usual" Halloween last year, no doubt by now you're getting excited to see the kids all dressed up in their costumes and makeup ready to take on the town for their yearly candy haul.

Oh, wait? You're not? What do you mean you're stressed? Kidding....

Halloween is fun and all, but it can be a lot of work for parents. With Halloween 2021 falling on a Sunday, that's less than ideal for the majority of the world that has to get up for work the next day. Oh, and don't forget about how difficult it'll be trying to get the kids to bed after their annual night of sugar-induced debauchery.

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Ladies (and men, but sometimes it seems like it's more stressful on mom), that stress factor isn't lost on me. I may not have kids yet, but I'm out every year with my niece and nephew and my friends' children, so I've seen how nuts it can get. With making sure every kid has everything they need for their costume, making sure their pumpkin candy bins are ready to go, and also having to bring a backpack of sweatshirts in case it gets cold, by the time it's actually time to go trick-or-treating, you guys have already had yourselves A DAY.

So, what's the best thing you can do to ensure that you, mom, enjoy yourself, too? A little adult sippy cup should do the trick. Yes, ladies. I know this isn't anything new, but don't forget to treat yourself and relax after another Halloween well-done. Before you head out, throw some ice into your tumbler, fill it up with some of your favorite vino, and tell the other moms that may look at you funny when they notice to mind their business.

Halloween is only the start of the holiday season. Think of your sippy cup filled with "Lord, help me get through this" juice as a cheers to yourself & a wish for good luck for the rest of  the craziness yet to come.

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