Love those Wildwood days!

Apparently, we're not the only ones. The Wildwood beaches are scoring some really big wins lately in the form of accolades and awards from various magazines and publications! Seriously though, we already know how awesome their ultra-wide beaches are. The boardwalk? Is there even one in South Jersey that comes close to offering as much as Wildwood's?

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Even though we've always known how great Wildwood is, it's really awesome to hear that other people think so, too. In just 2021 alone, Wildwood has been recognized nine times in categories that range from Best Family Beach Destinations to the Best Boardwalks in America.

I remember spending my summers in Wildwood as a kid. I don't have many childhood memories than come close to the fun I'd have on our family's Wildwood vacations. If all of these accolades will translate to even more families willing to provide their kids with similar memories, than this little shout-out to the Wildwoods will be well worth it.

According to a press release, the nine specific categories that the Wildwoods earned some pretty awesome recognition are:

  • HGTV – Best Jersey Shore Beaches
  • Reader’s Digest – The 15 Best Affordable Beach Vacations in America
  • Reader’s Digest – 14 Best Beach Boardwalks in America
  •, PureWOW – The 15 Best Beaches in New Jersey, Hands Down
  • Wherever Family – Best New Jersey Beaches for the Family
  • Family Destinations Guide – 16 Best Beaches in New Jersey, The Top Beaches
    to Visit
  • BC4 Washington, D.C. – Top 10 Beaches Near the D.C. Area
  • News12 The Bronx – Best Beaches in New Jersey
  • Her Campus – The Best New Jersey Beaches to Check Out This Summer

With so many people still struggling financially as a result of the pandemic, it's nice to know that local families can spend a day somewhere like Wildwood without having to break the bank. To that point, it doesn't even matter what you choose to do when you're there; your kids will have a FABULOUS time.

Keep up the great work, Wildwoods! Congratulations on all your well-deserved recognition!

The information above was generously provided by a press release via the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority.

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