Did your pretty little birdie just up and fly away?

(Either that or there's a rash of birds that escaped their forever homes and are flying around our cities and neighborhoods...)

Police in Stafford Township have posted the following on Facebook:

Assistance Needed
This beautiful male parakeet was found today at the Ocean Acres Elementary School Playground. If you...

Posted by Stafford Township Police Department on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The post fails to mention, though, just how police came in possession of the above mentioned bird. Did someone catch it? Did it walk up to a police officer and tweet for help? Dear Stafford Township Police: This would be helpful information!

There may be some clues in comments from people who have responded to the facebook post:

- "Aww yay I’m happy that they finally caught him. I hope they find his family or a new loving family."

- "So glad he was caught! Hope his owner is found."

Why are these people happy that he was caught? Was he causing problems at the playground - you know, other than birds-pooping-on-kids-heads problems?

Oh, yeah... the cage is pretty nice. Was he caught IN that cage? I find it's much easier to catch birds already in cages.

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