Try as you might, but a career in crime is certainly not for everyone.

Police in Stafford Township arrested two Ocean County men last Thursday. They called the two "serial shoplifters."

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Police say their Drug Enforcement Unit conducted surveillance on two known shoplifters, who had been reported by a number of Home Depots for shoplifting during that day.

Stafford Township Police say that while under surveillance, they observed the two - Ronald Schimbauer, 50, of Toms River, and Ronald Eckert, 48 of South Toms River shoplifting at the Kohl’s and Target stores in Stafford Township. "As Schimbauer was observed exiting Target, the DEU approached him and attempted to arrest him for Shoplifting. At this time, Schimbauer tried to run from the Detectives but was subdued in the parking lot after a very brief chase. As the DEU was arresting Schimbauer, Eckert who was driving the Kia Soul fled from the parking lot, but was stopped by marked police units and was arrested without incident on Route 72 near Stafford Park Boulevard."

Police say Schuimbauer shoplifted over $2,500 worth of items that day. He was charged with multiple counts of Shoplifting, Criminal Attempt to Shoplift, and Resisting Arrest. He was taken to the county jail and faces other possible charges.

Eckert was charged with " possession of CDS Crack/Cocaine, Possession of CDS Paraphernalia, and multiple counts of Conspiracy to Commit Shoplifting. He also received traffic summonses for Driving while suspended, Operation of a Motor Vehicle while Possession of a CDS Narcotic, and multiple other motor vehicle summonses. The KIA Soul Eckert was driving was seized by the DEU. After processing, Eckert was released on a criminal complaint summons pending a future court appearance."

Police say, "Shoplifting and drug-related offenses are related due to the fact that shoplifting leads to the black market sales of the stolen items, and in turn is used to buy, possess and sell narcotics."

SOURCE: Stafford Township Police Department

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