It hasn't been a secret for more than a few decades now that New Jersey has some of the most outrageous property taxes in the country.

We're always easily in the top 10 states with the highest property taxes, so it never goes over too well when any of us gets hit with an increase. reports that while 500 towns saw an increase this year, 30 of those towns saw one that was 3x their usual increase, if not more. Some even saw 7x more of an increase than the state's average. OUCH. Considering what we pay in taxes for the property we're actually getting, it's never an easy pill to swallow when they go up.

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A few towns in Gloucester and Camden counties made the list, but the only Cape May County town to have a significantly large increase this year is Stone Harbor. While, that may be good news for most South Jersey residents, no doubt those in Stone Harbor aren't exactly thrilled. It's probably safe to say that most New Jersey residents in general aren't too angry if taxes increase by a few Lincolns, but if you bring a couple Benjamins into the deal, that's when it takes a toll on our nerves.

Stone Harbor was number 13 on the list, so it almost made the list of top 10 property tax increases in the state. The residents of Stone Harbor watched their taxes soar with a new required amount of over $600 more than they were paying in 2019. To have to cough up six additional Benjamins for 2020 could have proven to be a bit of a challenge depending on how the pandemic impacted each individual family within that municipality.

Jersey's definitely not the most cost-effective place to live, that's for sure.


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