Wow! What a great display by Egg Harbor Township's Storybook Land on ABC-TV last night!

Storybook Land's Christmas Lights were featured in the "Heavyweight Division" of the network's "The Great Christmas Light Fight."

The park, located on the Blackhorse Pike in EHT, has been welcoming families for over 60 years - and it just keeps getting better!

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While Storybook Land didn't win the competition, it was spectacular in it's showing. (The show was taped pre-COVID, last Christmas-time.)

Here's a look at highlights from last night:

Comments were all favorable on the official Facebook page for the show! Kate Scibal Hendrix had this to say:

I grew up knowing that the real Santa Claus was at Storybook Land! The Fricano family is amazing, and the park looks more beautiful than ever, which I never thought possible. They continue to outdo themselves. Storybook land is a national treasure.

A storybook #Christmas for sure! Posted by The Great Christmas Light Fight on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

On Storybook Land's Facebook page, more great comments.  From Florida, Danielle Di Pietro had this comment:

I Love your lights! I was rooting for y'all to win. In my eyes YOUR Park was #1. We live in Florida and I never heard of you before. You are now on my bucket list to visit. Can't wait


Tonight, the whole country will finally learn about the magic of Storybook Land!

Posted by Storybook Land on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to the ownership and staff of Storybook Land! It was AWESOME!

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