Getting up the day after the Super Bowl is always brutal.

No denying that here. That's why many think Super Bowl Monday should be declared a national holiday. Wouldn't it be great to actually be able to enjoy Sunday night's game without the doom and gloom of Monday hovering over the entire experience?

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Maybe that's why so many people are petitioning to get the Super Bowl moved to Saturday. Others, however, have a different idea. There's no doubt we'll be running on quite a bit of caffeine today, so it's not too shocking to hear that Keurig conducted a survey to gather opinions about Super Bowl Monday.

They found that 44% of people believe Super Bowl Monday should be a paid national holiday (wouldn't that be nice). Other statistics showed that more than half of people, 52% to be exact, have requested 'Super Monday' off in the past. Also, a staggering 39% of people have used a sick day on the day following the Super Bowl.

The survey also tracked Super Bowl Monday patterns....


1. Being less productive - 41%

2. Coming in late - 41%

3. Being more productive - 41%

4. Drinking more coffee throughout the day - 38%

5. Talking about the Super Bowl with colleagues - 31%

Bottom line, is anyone really getting a substantial amount of work done on Super Bowl Monday? Turns out, not really.

You tell us...