Quick: What's the best chicken sandwich you've ever tasted?

Several years ago there was literally a run on Popeye's restaurants for their amazing chicken sandwiches. At the time, you'd go to a Popeye's drive-thru and they'd have a sign posted that they were all out of the sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A has a few great chicken sandwiches on its menu.

For years, McDonald's has tried to catch up to the pack with their versions of chicken sandwiches.

All the above though, are fast food chains. Where can you get a great chicken sandwich made with great quality ingredients? At a local restaurant?

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Well, the answer may surprise you! According to LoveFood, the best chicken sandwich in New Jersey can be found in a place you wouldn't expect to find a great one. You would expect to find great cheesesteaks and great subs, but chicken?

LoveFood says the best chicken sandwich in New Jersey can be found in Atlantic City at White House Sub Shop!


They love White House's Chicken Parm Submarine, saying it's filled  "with lots of melted cheese and sauce on top." LoveFood calls it the White House's second-best sub. after the White House Special - their version of an Italian sub.

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Have you tried the White House's Chicken Parm? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.  We'll see you in Atlantic City - maybe this weekend! We just have to check it out!

Frank Sinatra and all those celebrities can't possible be wrong, right?

SOURCE: LoveFood.com

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