There can be a lot of pressure surrounding Valentine's Day.

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Depending on how you and your significant other choose to celebrate the holiday, Valentine's Day can get stressful pretty quickly. For one, it's not too far from the Christmas holidays that took place not even two months ago, so wallets may or may not be fully recovered from those expenses.

If you're lucky to be in love with someone and plan on celebrating the day, turns out, you don't have to go all out in order to please him or her. Not that you should ever have to anyway (since that's not what love is about), but the pressure to get someone the perfect token of your affection can feel overwhelming.

A survey conducted by You Gov reveals exactly what it is that men and women really look forward to receiving on the International Day of Love. Ladies, this should come as no surprise. What do men really want for Valentine's Day? A little bit of sexy time, of course. Would you expect anything else? The largest percent of men interviewed say the thing they want most is to make love. Next on the list? Surprisingly enough, it's a card! Who knew men really care whether or not they get one? Third on the list is candy. Doesn't matter whether it's chocolates or something else, but candy's a must.

Women, on the other hand, are a bit more traditional in their expectations. Contrary to many men's beliefs, the number one thing women want on Valentine's Day is NOT jewelry. Nope. What women want more than anything else is..... CANDY! Yep! Just hand over the sweets and we'll be good to go. Can't say I disagree, especially since there's some great chocolate to be had around good ole' February 14th. The next two spots on the list for women are filled with a card followed by flowers. A card holds more weight than flowers for the gals.

If that's wrong, ladies, blame the survey, not us. Lol!

With Valentine's Day happening next week, at least now you have a cheat sheet to the heart of your special someone.

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