If someone offered you a taco a day for 30 days for just $5 would you take that offer?

Of course you would! It's like Taco Tuesday every day of the month!


Who doesn't like tacos?

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Now, let me tell you about this fabulous $5-a-month taco subscription service offer - you can't get it. It's not available to you.

The fine folks at Taco Bell are excluding New Jersey from this offer!

Is it because we don't pump our guys? Is it because our taxes our so high, it wouldn't make financial sense? Is it because former Governor Chris Christie lives here and Taco Bell is afraid he'd throw off the curve?

Honestly, I don't know why.

Taco Bell is making this "Taco Lover's Pass" only available at "select" locations in Arizona.

Arizona? Wait. What?

Yep, Arizona. We assume it's just a test-market-kind-of-thing.

Here's the mouth-watering deal though: You get the Taco Bell App and pay the monthly subscription (anywhere between $5 and $10 a month depending on location) and Taco Bell hooks you up with a taco a day.  It's just not one kind of taco either. You have your choice of 7 different tacos.

Well, except not in New Jersey.

What the heck, Taco Bell? Why can't we get this deal? Are we not worthy?

We may not be worthy, but now we're hungry.

Hungry for tacos.

SOURCE: Taco Bell

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